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Green Energy

Green Energy

Adding renewable options to a nation’s energy source makes a fundamental change to the quality of life for rural populations. Our off grid products contribute to strengthening economies and improving the environment.

Best Product

SkyPower Home currently holds contracts with government officials regarding portable Solar Home Systems in numerous countries. They are projected to sell Millions of units before the end of 2017.

World Wide presence

Worldwide Presence

With offices on every continent, SkyPower Home is involved in the development, financing and operations of solar energy projects across the world, including every aspect from the initial planning to commercial implementation.

Building tomorrow begins today

“SkyPower Home is revolutionary to say the least.”

“Their Pico-PV Home-Kits will contribute to electrifying Millions of homes in need. It will not only be a safer environment for families, but will also change their lifestyle for the better” – Jean Paul Nataf, Ceo Boss Litho, Los Angeles California

Thank you SkyPower Home for your Solar Home System SKY1 ! This product has facilitated living for my electrical needs when all I have had these past years are candles.
Ankit Udagi, Customer Bombai, India
SkyPower Home has allowed me to re-charge my cell phone instead of commuting for 1 hour to a local charging station. It is so simple and safe to use.
Wole Konstro, Customer Nigeria, Africa
This solar home sytem has changed my camping experience forever! I can now camp for multiple days in different countries around the world without worrying about light, radio, fan or cell phone recharge. This simple solar home system makes everything so much easier.
Gilbert Shakelford, Camping Professional