“The sun shines on everyone. We are working on it everyday. It is our dream. It will be our reality tomorrow.” John Semhoun, Founder and Chief Operating Officer, SkyPower Home.

We want to change the world. Do you?

While the international energy market generates approximately US $4 trillion, solar power makes up less than 1% of that figure. In 88 minutes, the sun provides 470 exajoules of energy–as much energy as humanity consumes in one year. With the right technology, we can harness that power. The production, consumption and distribution of energy can be changed in the long run by SkyPower Home’s products. We are currently accepting employment application from talented, committed and ambitious candidates who can help us to make this vision a reality.

SkyPower Home has an inspired, passionate and committed team located North America, South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. The solar power industry is radically changing how global energy is viewed and SkyPower Home is a key contributor to that transformation.

Current job postings are listed below. Please email your curriculum vitae and resume to