SkyPower Home

Skypower Home is an exclusive world wide master licensee of SKYPOWER GLOBAL.
With offices in Paris, France and Los Angeles, California, SkyPower Home is a forward thinking international energy solutions company offering next-generation solar technology. Using the latest knowledge in efficient renewable energy markets and technology, we cover all bases – from sales and distribution to customer service.

SkyPower Home aims to satisfy our customers with effective energy technology solutions and inclusive project planning and implementation. Our team carries out each project from start to finish, delivering a complete product, while providing exceptional customer service.  We work with a strong committed team of experts who are fueled by a passion for their work.

Board Members & Founders

Jonathan Semhoun
Chief Operating Officer

John has found success in multiple areas of business pertaining to new technology and the design industry. He has worked closely with many companies to upgrade both their products and turnovers. A leader in the field of tech design, John utilizes his creativity and experience to produce outstanding products in renewable energy.

No stranger to start-ups, John has an impressive track record when it comes to successfully growing companies from the development stage through to a fully investable business. Before Skypower Home, his accolades included several co-founding partnerships in mobile technology and fashion businesses. Combined with strong leadership skills and impressive industry connections, John has secured a reputation for success.

He sees SkyPower Home as an opportunity with unlimited potential.

Andrew Cohen
Chief Executive Officer

A serial entrepreneur, Andrew Cohen previously founded Legacy Real Estate Brokerage firm based out of Los Angeles, California. Over the course of his career, he has sold in excess of US $250 million of real estate and contributed to the development and design of various award winning high-rise properties in Downtown, Los Angeles. Being the first to develop a retail opportunity underground at the subway entrance of 7th & Hope came as no surprise to his peers. In parallel with a finance background, Andrew was involved in the success of revolutionary finance company, TransCash. Where money transfers are made easy and affordable. He then migrated to the solar industry in recent years, specializing in solar gadgets, panels and products sold worldwide. He is now focused on electrifying rural populations in countries across the globe with SkyPower Home products, such as off-grid portable solar home systems, solar street lamps and self-sustainable storage towers that allow people to benefit from renewable energy.

Denis Semhoun

Denis Semhoun is a successful entrepreneur with nearly 30 years of experience spanning across multiple industries, including real estate. He is an angel investor of various businesses and the owner of numerous trophy properties in Paris, France.

Denis has been involved in the PV field for the past decade, powering individual homes and superstores with solar energy. Entering the Pico-PV field is a challenge he has been patiently awaiting.