SAN JUAN – The deputy director of the Ports Authority, Nelson Perez, together with the secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Trade, Manuel Laboy, received the CEO of the company SkyPower Home, Andrew Cohen, whose entity donated solar equipment for home use.

“This donation, which will undoubtedly be well received among our people, is a symbol of the commitment of a large number of people outside of Puerto Rico who stand in solidarity with our people in these moments of recovery, following the passage of hurricanes Irma and María. We appreciate all the effort made to get these 500 solar units to reach the island from France, “said the deputy director of the Port Authority in written statements.

For his part, the CEO of SkyPower Home explained to the officials that the donated solar equipment consists of a box that contains a solar panel that generates energy by the solar rays, two light bulbs, a portable flashlight with rechargeable battery and a radio. Also the equipment can ignite certain type of fan and load cellular, among other functions.

“In this way we have an opportunity to educate new cultures about other sources of energy that are very effective. It is time to be proactive and not reactive. Solar equipment is an alternative always, not only in emergencies like the one that Puerto Rico is going through, “said the businessman.
The donation is worth 50,000 dollars and this equipment, which is very simple to install, is not sold in the United States. The same will be delivered to various communities where the electric power service was severely affected.

Meanwhile, the Secretary of the Department of Economic Development, said that, “we appreciate this valuable contribution of SkyPower Home. Solar panels are a viable alternative to meet the need for electricity, compared to the state in which the infrastructure was left after the passage of the atmospheric system. We are confident that this contribution to 500 Puerto Rican families will be part of the transition to a renewable energy system in Puerto Rico. “