Mini Energy Storage (Mini ES)

Mini Energy Storage (Mini ES)


Safe and stable battery Simple and generous design
Support APP monitoring Eco-friendly and long lasting
Remote control function

Simple and generous design

Flexible installation location

Capacity flexible

3kWh/6kWh/9kWh optional

Save electricity cost

Storage low cost electricity at night, can be used flexibly at the day time

Back up power

When power off, the Mini ES can maintain important load operation

Optimize PV system profit

Balance PV generation curve and electricity consumption curve

Product description

Mini ES is a battery system which can be operated On or off the grid. It can be used to optimize the solar system, absorb excess PV electricity and supply houses when PV is not enough for the consumption being used. The System operation status can be monitored through mobile devices for convenience. The size of product is small, which is easy for installation and maintenance.

Working mode:

  • Economic Mode: The Solar System and the MINI ES operates independently. The MINI ES stores low-cost electricity at night and supplies the loads during the day when the electricity cost is much higher.
  • Environment Friendly Mode: The Solar System supplies the load as it’s priority. It will charge the battery if it has excess power generation. It will also supply the load if the current solar power is not enought at the time.
  • Peak Shaving Mode: For family without a Solar System, MINI ES stores low-cost electricity during the night and supplies the load during peak hours.

Technical information

Mini Energy Storage (Mini ES)
Battery Capacity 3kWh
Interface 2 (one for grid, one for load)
Nominal Voltage Single phase 230V
Nominal Frequency 50HZ(47.5HZ~51.5HZ)
Maximum on-grid Power 3KW
Battery Type Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery
Nominal voltage Single Phage 230V
Nominal frequency 50HZ
Nominal power 2KVA
Working Temperature 0~+40°C
Storage Temperature -10~50°C
Protection Grade IP32
Recommended Utilization Environment Indoor (non-condensing, frozen, and sunshine direct shooting), altitude is >2000m
Dimension 680mm (W) x 256mm (D) x 610mm (H)
Weight Avout 96kg

Mini Energy Storage (Mini ES)
Nominal AC Voltage 120V
Maximum output current 25A
Nominal AC Frequency 60Hz
Battery type Iron-Phosphate Battery
Nominal Battery voltage 52V
Battery capacity 3kWh
Battery capacity expansion 6kWh, 9kWh
Dimension 650mm x 700mm x 260mm
Net weight 85Kg