Solar Home System SKY1 – 5W


inco-mp3 Radio icon-suit Easy to carry
icon-light Lighting icon-lightning High efficiency generator
icon-smartphone Mobile charging icon-battery High capacity battery
icon-fan Provides power to fan icon-eco Eco-friendly

The mini USB fan is not included

Intelligent control

Protect parts

Product testing

For longevity and use in high temperatures

High-quality speaker

Provides a clean sound


Stand by mode for low consumption


Charging and discharging

Easy to maintain

Simple battery change to ensure product lifespan

Product description

The Solar Home System SKY1 – 5W is compact, portable and efficient. This home system offers numerous features, including two light LED bulbs (can illuminate up to four), multiple USB charging capabilities and a radio. The large PV panel, minimizes the total charging time to a few hours of direct sun-light with a storage feature of up to 8 hours on reserve.

Technical information

Poly Solar Panel: – Solar Panel: 5W, Polycrystalline
– Size: 180*240*17mm
Power Bank: – Li-Fe Phospate battery 3000mAh
– Cycle life: 1500 charge/discharge >70% capacity
– 5/6 hours fully charged under full sun
– Radio 70 to 108 Mhz
LED light bulb x2: – 260 Lumens high mode
– 90 lumens low mode
– Full battery run time : 7 H (high mode) to 18 H (low mode)
– Solar run time : 6 H (high mode) to 15 H (low mode)
– Control switch: high/low mode
– 8m cable
5 in 1 cable: Charging mobile phone and other electronic devices.
Torch: – 30 Lumens
– 4 hours
– Li-Fe Phospate battery
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Complete your kit

USB Mini Fan

Power source : USB
Material : Metal
Dimensions : 155 x 85 x 155mm
Weight: 390 g
Voltage: DC 5V
Power cord length: 1.2m
Colors : Black, Blue or Pink

Phone Adapter

Supports multiple devices (10 in 1)


2 W ABS LED lamp